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Campo Real Olives La Chinata

Campo Real Olives La Chinata

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Jar 200g / La Chinata

Campo Real olives undergo a particular processing and subsequent homemade preparation with natural products that distinguish them from other species.

They are made from the Manzanilla de Campo Real and Cacereña de Extremadura varieties, which have the following characteristics: round shape, green to brown colour, large fruit, fine skin and very firm flesh. Their unique original preparation gives them an exquisite taste and an unmistakable aroma. When the olives are at their best possible size and colour, they are harvested (around October) and then stored in brine until ready for preparation. In addition to a salt solution, prescribed (garlic, thyme, fennel and oregano) and freely selectable (laurel, cumin, marjoram...) herbs are used for the preparation. Edible olives, eaten mainly as an aperitif or in salads.