About us

Ignacio García, originally from Salamanca (Spain), found his calling more than a decade ago in the heart of Vienna (Austria).
This adventure has since been a warm invitation to the Viennese to embark on a culinary journey to Spain, where the diversity of gastronomy is overwhelming. He doesn't give in to the common clichés of typical Spanish tapas tourist restaurants, but remains steadfastly true to his claim of celebrating the authenticity of Spanish cuisine. It's not about coming to confirm what you know, but to discover: there is more wine than that of La Rioja, there is more pepper than that of Padrón.
In this restaurant it's not the labels that count, but the real substance. Over the last eleven years, Ignacio has carefully curated a selection of wines and ingredients that meet the highest quality standards and are imported directly from Spain.
Ignacio and his team do not conform to preconceived notions or fads, but rather present only what promises an endearing encounter with the genuine essence of Spain.

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+43 1 9220851 / hola@ignacio.at