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Dehesa del Carrizal MV 2019 Rotwein PACK 6 FLASCHEN

Dehesa del Carrizal MV 2019 Rotwein PACK 6 FLASCHEN

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Rotwein / 6 Flaschen 750ml / Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Tempranillo und Petit Verdot / 6 Monate Französische Eiche / Vino de Pago D.O. Dehesa del Carrizal / 15% Vol

Reife schwarze Beeren / Gewürze / Röstaromen vom Fassausbau

A versatile wine for almost every palate and pairing with almost every food. An elegant and very balanced blended wine, it boasts the best from each of our grape varieties. The blended varieties change every year in search of the best grapes of our vineyard: the fleshy Syrah, the fruity and floral Merlot and Tempranillo, the long-lasting Cabernet Sauvignon. After one year in barrel, it gathers a complex but well assembled nose. It offers ripe berries –blackberries and blueberries– together with notes of wood, toast, spice and, in the back- ground, an earthy aroma. It is soft on the palate, pleasant and very balanced, with an intense cher- ry red colour and eye catching dark crimson nuances. It reaches its optimal tasting temperature at 16ºC.

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